Photo information and ID-numbers

Originals before 2002: over 4,000 selected colour slides, mainly Kodachrome 64 (a small part of my total slide collection) scanned to Kodak Pro Photo CD (size 2400x3072 at maximum resolution).

Originals from 2002: Digital images only, produced from RAW files.

All photographs on the Photo CD are screen format 630x380 cropped and compressed jpegs. The images on this site are similar but reduced to 400 pixels wide.

All photographs have a specific ID-number
Each photograph on this website (and on the Photo CD) has a unique number. To order the high resolution version, simply quote the species/subspecies name followed by the ID-number of the specific photo.
   Where the ID-number is eight digits, the original is digital; where the ID-number is four or five digits, the photograph is a scanned slide.