How to order photographs or the Photo CD

Digital photographs and scanned slides
All high resolution photographs are normally delivered on CD in original RAW format (digital originals), most suitable for print, or in PCD format (scanned slides).
   Alternatively, photographs can be provided in TIFF format; to request this.
Please contact me for details: Göran Ekström

Ordering the Photo CD
At the moment the CD including more than 13,000 images of 1,437 species (+ numerous subspecies). These photographs are all screen format 630x380 cropped and compressed jpegs. Note that the Photo CD are being continuously updated with new photographs. All photos is placed in species maps and named by their sceintific names (both species and subspecies) which make it easy for the user to find a specific bird species. All new photographs are added regularly, for example, all those taken during the trip to Madeira and the Salvage Islands recently are included on the CD!

Purchasers outside Sweden:
Send 20 Euro in cash (no cheques please) along with your name and postal address, to:
Göran Ekström
IG Natur & Teknik AB
Ve 231
660 57 Väse

Or pay the amount through your bank to the following account:
IBAN: SE49 6000 0000 0003 8327 6438
   Any bank transaction charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.
   After this is done, please send an email with your order details, being sure to include your name and full postal address, to:
Göran Ekström

Beställning inom Sverige:
Skicka eller sätt in 150 kronor på Bankgiro 5432-7051 (IG Natur & Teknik AB) och efter det skickar du mig ett mail med namn och gatuadress.

I have been responsible for the photographic research for the CD-ROM Birds of the World, which is a unique database and contains probably the largest single collection of bird photographs available today.


Drawing by Bill Zetterström